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DF-5700 Online XRF Elemental Analyzer


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Online XRF Elemental Analyzer uses the XRF analysis technology and utilizes the energy dispersion method. By exciting various elements in materials for them to produce complicated X-ray mixed energy spectrums, it adopts the energy spectrum analysis technology to obtain the element types and contents in the materials measured. It saves the complicated and tedious sample processing procedure, directly analyzes and measures slurry and gives analysis results rapidly, and can participate in and guide the automated control of production process. Online XRF Elemental Analyzer can detect the contents of such elements as Fe, Cu, Pb, Zn, Mo, Ni, etc. in the slurry at the same time. At present, the product has been applied in several famous mine enterprises, such as Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Resources Group Co., Ltd., etc., which has played an important role for the enterprises to stabilize and improve product quality, raise the recovery rate of metal, improve the management level and save costs. Product Features: (1) Real-time analysis: Most of Chinese XRF analyzers are offline laboratory analyzers. Few instruments which are applied at sites are off-site types and provide analysis results after serial and complex sample pre-processing processes including sampling, drying, screening, grinding and sample preparation. It takes several hours to obtain analysis results, with analysis results greatly lagging behind. The product can complete measurement for one channel within 1 to 3 minutes. (2)Reliability: DF-5700 adopts SDD detector with high resolution and high counting rate, which has the same energy resolution at normal temperature with silicon-lithium drifting semiconductor detectors in liquid nitrogen. It cancels the use of liquid nitrogen refrigerating device which is necessary for silicon-lithium drifting semiconductor detectors in imported element analyzers, thus greatly relieving maintenance burden and ensuring the safety of operators. The instrument can attain long-term and stable operation at site. (3)Representative measurement result: The reasonably designed measuring device and good flowability and uniform mixing of slurry in measuring cells ensure that the measurement results accurately reflect actual slurry status. (4)Adaptability: Measurement is not influenced by concentration, particle size, bubble, velocity, delamination and other field factors and the instrument can operate properly in various complex and harsh industrial sites. (5)Our company has developed innovative nuclear electron technology and nuclear energy spectrum analysis technology to completely analyze and process complex energy spectrum generated after excitation of many elements and cancel mutual interference among different elements. (6)Stable working status, high analysis accuracy, high reliability, easy operation and maintenance, and friendly and human-oriented software interface.

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