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  • Intelligent and Professional Portable Radio (NDP-910L)

    Intelligent and Professional Portable Radio (NDP-910L)

    NDP-910L meets the requirements of the DMR specification. Anymore ,NDP-910L can  achieve voice interoperability in DMR signal blind area by 3G modular inside . Through the 3G link, the user can realize Over the Air Programming(OTAP). NDP-910L also supports camera and video features, adding a convenient way for the user to record the scene evidence.

  • Intelligent and Professional Portable Radio (NDP-959/910)

    Intelligent and Professional Portable Radio (NDP-959/910)

    NDP-959/910 adapts Intelligent Operating System and conveniently applied to industry of development. It equipped with customized, secure intelligent operating system, compatible with the mo

  • AN-1 Interception System

    AN-1 Interception System

    The AN-1 interception system is capable of performing early-warning, detection, tracking, positioning and intercepting of the low-altitude, slow and small target (LSST) by net-capturing. The product has already been used successfully in Guangzhou Asian Games, Boao Asian Forum, etc.

  • Digital Console System and Solution (DCS)

    Digital Console System and Solution (DCS)

    Applicable to uniform command-control dispatching of different systems the product integrates and optimizes various systems through integrating diversified system resources, including communication system and security & protection system etc.

  • JX Moving Target Surveillance Radar

    JX Moving Target Surveillance Radar

    The JX moving target surveillance radar is a portable ground surveillance radar which is available for rapid deployment. The radar can detect targets such as personnel, vehicles, ships and low-alti

  • vehicular satellite communication system

    vehicular satellite communication system

    Vehicular satellite communication system is usually SUVs integrated with “in motion” communication equipments and able to provide instant voice and image transmission functions for command and dispatch tasks during emergency situations.

  • 2 Megapixel Full HD 30x Starlight Network IR PTZ Dome Camera

    2 Megapixel Full HD 30x Starlight Network IR PTZ Dome Camera

    Starlight Network IR PTZ Dome Camera。High speed monitoring can be used for applications that require a wide range of light and light to places with weaker and has high requirements for image quality, hope to see the details of a target, such as rivers, forests, roads, railways, airports, ports, Sentry, squares, parks, scenic spots, streets, railway stations, large outside venues, residential and other places。

  • Thermal Hybrid Dome Camera

    Thermal Hybrid Dome Camera

    Video surveillance needs effective detection and identication of an object. Right now visible camera is used in most monitoring applications, but visible camera cannot work in all conditions, especially in the total darkness and harsh environments.

  • Host Security Protection System

    Host Security Protection System

    The product consists of client and server, which are deployed on terminals and a server respectively. In capable of monitoring individual real-time operations and states of hosts running on clients, timely generating warnings for security incident, protecting according defense policies, the product has an excellent quality of hosts running states detecting, non-authorized access restriction and special way of security alarms to solve typical security problems such as non-authorized access, doctoring of documents, sensitive data leakages and illegal connection effectively, and that ensure basic platform running safely and credibly . Besides, the product can integrate and cooperate seamlessly with other network devices. The product can be widely used by government, enterprises and public institutions for a trusted integrative protection for information system terminals.

  • Full HD Network Infrared Zoom

    Full HD Network Infrared Zoom

    The full HD network infrared zoom adopts full high definition camera module with all-digital control, and has the advantages of skillful design, reacting rapidly and sensitively, running smoothly and operating easily. Many new IT techniques such as embedded system, Internet and Video & audio compressing coding are applied in the product.