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  • Vehicle Management System

    Vehicle Management System

    The Vehicle Management System will be working as a “hospital” to provide vehicle’ health monitoring and consultation services’ to drivers and owners, with vehicle health status, troubleshooting and

  • Beidou Pager

    Beidou Pager

    Providing security warning and distress alarm, during the outdoor activities, such as: hiking, water sports, hiking, skiing, off-road driving, fishing, hunting, outbound tourism, sailing, wildness photographing, and compatible with Bluetooth handheld devices  and Beidou SMS function.

  • Beidou Rescue Terminal

    Beidou Rescue Terminal

    The terminal is supporting search and rescue operations in uninhabited areas, able to send SOS, micro-blog, and short message through Beidou, and compatible with Beidou pager.

  • Electric vehicle battery management system

    Electric vehicle battery management system

    The electric vehicle battery management system is mainly used for monitoring battery system of electric automobile, including lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries and some other batteries. Based

  • Intelligent vehicle information center

    Intelligent vehicle information center

    As a product developed by the company itself, the commonly called intelligent vehicle information center (Telematics) generally consists of two parts: one part is the vehicle-borne computer system

  • Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder

    Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder

    The vehicle traveling data recorder is a digital electronic recording device that records and stores status information about vehicle traveling such as the running speed, time, mileage, and locatio

  • Automotive intelligent protection circuit breaker and control box

    Automotive intelligent protection circuit breaker and control box

    The vehicle intelligent protection circuit breaker is applied to overheat protection, over-current protection, and short circuit protection on various circuits, features multiple times of repeated

  • Full LCD integrated automotive instrument

    Full LCD integrated automotive instrument

    The all LCD automobile dashboard conducts analog display of all functions of the instrument, including the speed, rotational speed, water temperature, fuel, various indicators, rear video, navigati