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  • Beijing Fengtai Softball Field

    Beijing Fengtai Softball Field

    Project location: Beijing, China Building area: 15,570m2 Audience seats: 5,000

  • Urban intelligent traffic system

    Urban intelligent traffic system

    Our Urban Intelligent Transportation System is designed to maintain a smooth traffic flow on urban road network, which is integrated with functions of Dynamic Traffic Information Service, Parking Guidance, Video Monitoring, City Transportation Scheduling Command Center, and other sub-systems.

  • i-Government Affairs

    i-Government Affairs

    With the new generation of information technology, for the government department and other public management departments, the Intelligent Government Affairs optimizes the structure and business procedures, so as to improve the efficiency of collaboration and management, and the quality of public services.

  • Intelligent Taxation Solution

    Intelligent Taxation Solution

    Intelligent Taxation Solution helps company manage the data, programs, data control, and application logic with different independent layers, provides the excellent security system to protect the tax-payer’s information security in the perspective of access security.

  • Major-event Security Solution

    Major-event Security Solution

    The major-event security solution can realize integrated defense, safety situation display, police deployment, and command and control of the security area as well as quick response and coordinated

  • Belarus Terminal Project (Conceptual)

    Belarus Terminal Project (Conceptual)

    Project location: Minsk, Belarus Building area: 80,440m2 Annual passenger volume: 6,000,000

  • Urban Vehicle Management Solution

    Urban Vehicle Management Solution

    This solution will provide integrated services, including fee collection, vehicle comprehensive management, traffic violation detection, dynamic traffic information, etc., and is consisted of vehic

  •  E-ID Solution

    E-ID Solution

    E-ID is an important key enabler for secure identification, authentication and digital signing via the Internet and a part of e-service design. It contains pingerprint information acquisition front end system and national/provincial level fingerprint information management system.

  • i-Community


    The Intelligent Community effectively integrates network communication, intelligent home appliances, intelligent security protection, property service, community service, value-added service, etc. and supplies residents with a safe, comfortable, convenient, environment-friendly, intelligent and humanized living environment.

  • Emergency Response Solution

    Emergency Response Solution

    The emergency response solution can provide onsite monitoring and control of emergent events through digitized individual soldier information equipment, multi-mode onsite monitoring and detection s