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  • Major-event Security Solution

    Major-event Security Solution

    The major-event security solution can realize integrated defense, safety situation display, police deployment, and command and control of the security area as well as quick response and coordinated

  • Emergency Response Solution

    Emergency Response Solution

    The emergency response solution can provide onsite monitoring and control of emergent events through digitized individual soldier information equipment, multi-mode onsite monitoring and detection s

  • National Border Security Solution

    National Border Security Solution

    The national border security solution can provide an integrated safety guard system which could be used on national land and coast borders to get overall picture of the border security and reali

  • Information Security Solution

    Information Security Solution

    Based on the advanced and reliable information security technology, the reliable information security protection system could be provided, which includes design and construction of the special offi

  • Fire Extinguishing System of High-Rise Building

    Fire Extinguishing System of High-Rise Building

    It is a special fire-fighting system applicable to high-rise building in the city. It is able to effectively settle difficulties in the fire-fighting vehicle such as inadequate fire extinguishing height, too large turing radius and poor passing property.

  • RFID E-Ticket System

    RFID E-Ticket System

    With the special ticket sale and checking equipment, the RFID e-ticket system integrates the ticket sale, ticket checking and finance management into the one e-ticket system. The system has been applied to the Beijing 2008 Olypic Games, Asian Games 2011 and some other major-events successfully.

  • Professional Digital Trunking (PDT)

    Professional Digital Trunking (PDT)

    Supported by more than 20 years of trunking system R&D and production, PDT digital trunking system boasts a wide wireless coverage and provides a clearer digital audio and encryption performance; the application of TDMA technology makes longer the terminal stand-by time; the function of transferring GPS data and short messages can tremendously enrich backstage scheduling and command. PDT trunking system is the top choice for simulation-to-digital transformation.

  • Key Area Security Solution

    Key Area Security Solution

    The key area intelligent comprehensive prevention and control solution provides various sensors, which can acquire information in all directions through multiple measures, various communications, a

  • Safe City Solution

    Safe City Solution

    The safe city solution is an integrated prevention, control and treatment system for the city security, which is based on Internet of Things and operates in a day and night, all-weather and three d