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  • i-Government Affairs

    i-Government Affairs

    With the new generation of information technology, for the government department and other public management departments, the Intelligent Government Affairs optimizes the structure and business procedures, so as to improve the efficiency of collaboration and management, and the quality of public services.

  • i-Community


    The Intelligent Community effectively integrates network communication, intelligent home appliances, intelligent security protection, property service, community service, value-added service, etc. and supplies residents with a safe, comfortable, convenient, environment-friendly, intelligent and humanized living environment.

  • i-Manufacture


    The Intelligent Manufacture is an enterprise-oriented public service platform, which provides various manufacturing resources via cloud services to support the R&D, producing, purchasing, marketing and after-sale service of the whole industry chain.

  • i-Logistics


    As an integrated business system for both daily and emergency management, the Intelligent Logistics system is designed for logistics companies or departments, and it can meet the needs of warehouse management, transportation planning and supply chain collaboration.

  • The agriculture intelligent water-saving irrigation system based on IOT (Internet of Things)

    The agriculture intelligent water-saving irrigation system based on IOT (Internet of Things)

    This system is composed of control center, first monitoring center of energy efficiency, field control center, micro electric control valve, soil moisture collector, and video monitor. It can acqui

  • Internet of Vehicles

    Internet of Vehicles

    The company’s Internet of Vehicles project involves installation of national standards and ministry standards conforming vehicle-mounted information terminals, including automobile travel recorder, vehicle-mounted information center and Beidou satellite positioning system on operation vehicles in provincial level areas

  •  i-Public Security

    i-Public Security

    The Intelligent Public Security is a security prevention, control and treatment system, which is based on Internet of Things and operates in a day and night, all-weather and three-dimensional way. Adopting various special security prevention and control measures, the departments of fire-fighting, traffic control, armed police and security monitoring could be linked actively. And the business field could also be extended to the fields of sanitation, environment, energy, resource, communication, etc.

  • i-Culture


    An equalized, high quality, distinctive and modernized culture system will be provided through establishing an all-covered culture spread network, a culture data center and a public service platform, integrating qualified culture resources, improving culture spread system structure, perfecting culture industrial distribution, building a modern public culture service system, and enlarging the culture spread scope.

  • i-Education


    The Intelligent Education changes the traditional educational pattern with a new generation of information technology and informationized infrastructure. It supplies personalized learning service,

  • i-Environment Protection

    i-Environment Protection

    In conjunction with Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies, water, water sources, atmosphere, noise, radioactive sources and waste are sensed, disposed and managed to build a ne