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  • Urban intelligent traffic system

    Urban intelligent traffic system

    Our Urban Intelligent Transportation System is designed to maintain a smooth traffic flow on urban road network, which is integrated with functions of Dynamic Traffic Information Service, Parking Guidance, Video Monitoring, City Transportation Scheduling Command Center, and other sub-systems.

  • Urban Vehicle Management Solution

    Urban Vehicle Management Solution

    This solution will provide integrated services, including fee collection, vehicle comprehensive management, traffic violation detection, dynamic traffic information, etc., and is consisted of vehic

  • Automatic Fare Collection System(AFC)

    Automatic Fare Collection System(AFC)

    The AFC system works in full closed operation mode, and is available with mileage charge and time charge functions. It uses non-contact IC card as the ticket and has high secure and reliable automa

  • Tunnel System

    Tunnel System

    The Tunnel System is mainly composed of fire, monitoring, power supply and distribution, lighting, and variable sign systems, through which, the traffic status of tunnel will be acknowledged, traff

  • Vehicle Monitoring and Control System

    Vehicle Monitoring and Control System

    With the unique RFID tag, the vehicle monitoring and control system implements the full life cycle management of the vehicle by the storage, automatic sampling, identification and analysis of the key information. The system can be applied in the field of traffic management, municipal environment protection, public safety, ETC charges, as well as the management of the repair station, taxi management, vehicle leasing, management of dangerous goods transport vehicles and other occasions.

  • Charging stake, vehicle-mounted charging machine

    Charging stake, vehicle-mounted charging machine

    The AC charging stake is used for daily charging of electric automobile, and completely conforms to GB/T20234 standards. Batteries can be charged full in 6-8 hours, depending on the battery capacity. The characteristics of this charging stake include: 1) Automobile level parts and components are used for the whole stake for higher environment adaptability; 2) Massive data storage space, so that charging data of over 10 years can be stored; 3) Excellent originality provides clients have high value added; 4) With aerospace level parts and redundancy design of the system, it is highly reliable and truly maintenance-free.

  • Solar wind complementary field power supply system

    Solar wind complementary field power supply system

    Solar wind complementary field power supply system is able to provide adequate power to highway video surveillance, or other monitoring units, using the solar and wind power stored in the battery.

  • The Road Tele-communication System

    The Road Tele-communication System

    The Road Telecommunication System is the data transmission channel to transmit image, voice and other data, to the road operation and management, monitoring, and tolling systems, using fiber-optic

  • Road Monitoring System

    Road Monitoring System

    The Road Monitoring System provides monitor services on overpasses, tunnels and some important road sections, is able to timely detect traffic congestions, violation vehicles and accidents, and pro

  • Tolling System

    Tolling System

    The expressway network toll system provides 2 fee-collection modes: semi-automatic mode and ETC mode, with options of using IC card, magnetic tickets, and two-dimensional bar card as mile ticket, c